Working Hours, Paid Time Off and Benefits in Poland (updated 2020)

This time we explain what are the usual working hours, how many paid days off there are and what kind of benefits are the most popular in Poland.

Pilot Team
Pilot Team

This article is part of a guide about hiring employees in Poland. We provide all the details about polish work laws, obligations, benefits and all cultural ins and outs you should know in 2020. Thanks to this compressed knowledge base you’ll get familiar with Polish employee’s expectations even before hiring one!

So far we have covered:
🏖 Public Holidays in Poland
📄 Employments Contracts in Poland

Below we focus on working hours, paid time off and benefits in Poland.

🔜 The next article will describe health insurance, sick leave and parental leave in Poland

Working Hours ⌛️

Most Polish people start their workday at between 8-10am CET and finish at 4-6pm CET, which gives standard 8 hours work per day. Lunch breaks are already included in those working hours. By labour code employees are entitled to take a 15 min break after 6 hours of working but this is saldom executed. In reality, most of the employers don’t mind when their workers take a lunch break. Usually those breaks last half an hour but in tech companies or startups it’s generally understood that the break shouldn’t be longer than 1 hour.

Contractors and employees working for international companies are usually more flexible about their schedule and agree to certain overlapping hours per day. Usually it’s around 2 hours during evenings for the company and team meetings, but of course, it’s something that should be discussed individually and beforehand to set the right expectations.

Night shift usually covers 8 hours between 21:00 - 07:00.

Paid time off 🏖

Under the employment contract employees have either 20 days or 26 days vacations (paid time off).

20 days – employee who have worked less than 10 years*
26 days – have worked 10 years* and more

Also all employees on the employment contract are entitled to an annual unbroken 2 weeks paid vacation.

Within the annual paid time off limit an employee is entitled to have 4 days of leave on demand. It serves emergency situation as an employee can inform their employer that she/he is taking the day off during the ongoing day.

Benefits and Perks ➕

The most popular benefits in Poland that became some kind of standard among tech companies are private health insurance and/or sport card/gym membership called Multisport which provides unlimited access to sport services throughout Poland.

The other popular benefits and perks are fruits and breakfast at the office, free lunches and coffee, or tickets to the cinema.

Stock options are not as popular in Poland as in US and are rarely seen as a benefit.

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Pilot Team
Pilot Team

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