Public Holidays in Poland (updated 2020)

There are 13 official days off in Poland. But the list of days off is much longer. As there are many exceptions in the labour law as well as employees expectations. In this article, we explain the intricacies of public holidays in Poland giving you employees' perspective.

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This article is part of a guide about hiring employees in Poland. We provide all the details about polish work laws, obligations, benefits and all cultural ins and outs you should know in 2020. Thanks to this compressed knowledge base you’ll get familiar with Polish employee’s expectations even before hiring one!

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In Poland days free from work are Sundays and public holidays. Public Holidays are non-working days for everybody who is on the employment contract.

During those days shops, public offices are closed, public transport rides less often, and the majority uses this time to spend with friends, family or excursions outside of the city. There is a social expectation to have those days off also for people on other types of contracts.

Officially there are 13 Public Holidays in Poland. But there are 2 days which half-days are considered as off and we advise to treat them also as an public holiday. We describe this exception in example below.

List of official Public Holidays in Poland 🇵🇱

  1. New Year’s Day (January 1)
  2. Epiphany (January 6)
  3. Easter Sunday (movable)
  4. Easter Monday (movable)
  5. Labour Day (May 1)
  6. Constitution Day (May 3)
  7. Pentecost Sunday (movable)
  8. Corpus Christi (movable)
  9. Assumption Day (August 15)
  10. All Saints’ Day (November 1)
  11. Independence Day (November 11)
  12. Christmas Eve (December 24) ⬇️ see description below
  13. Christmas Day (December 25)
  14. Boxing Day (December 26)
  15. New Year’s Eve (December 31) ⬇️ see description below

Important 🚨

When Public holiday falls on Saturday an employer is obliged by the provisions of the Labour Code to give the day off back to the employee on another occasion till the end of the settlement period.

When Public holiday falls on Sunday, an employer is not obliged to grant the day off as Labour Code treats Sunday’s like a holiday.

Additional 2 days off 🧚

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve
Even though those two days are not officially Public holidays by law, all offices, shops, museums, cafeterias etc. are open only until 2-4 pm and the public transport is on the holiday schedule. Each year more businesses give their employees this day off or let their employees finish their work earlier at 2 pm.

Christmas Eve
To understand why is that you have to be aware that in the Polish Tradition December 24 - Christmas Eve is the most important celebration during Holiday Season and the majority of families starts their family gathering and supper at 4 pm.

Long weekend 📆

Be aware that when the public holidays fall on Thursday, there is an excellent chance that your employees will take Friday off to have the “long weekend”.

May Long Weekend
As May 1 and May 3 are officially non working days. There is a high chance that employees will take May 2 off to have a “long weekend”.

As employee you have to be aware that long weekends can happen quite often.

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