Pilot meets Home eat Home

An interview with Fried Große-Dunker, Home eat Home’s co-founder.

We needed more than just a development team—we needed a network of experts who could help us choose the best technical solutions every step of the way.

—Fried Große–Dunker

The story

In early 2014, Home eat Home approached Pilot to help rebuild and relaunch their web and mobile apps. After a year of consultation and code, as well as an impressive funding round from Coca-Cola, Fried Große-Dunker, co-founder, shares his experience working with our team.

Tell us about Home eat Home.

Home eat Home is a new food service that offers pre-packed grocery bags ready for cooking at home. You can order one of our weekly changing dishes through our website or app, and pick it up at one of our many pick-up stations. It’s a wholesome idea that has a rather unhealthy origin, actually.

Before founding the company, my co-founder Marc and I regularly ate fast food and takeaways during the week. We had the rather heroic idea of cooking together at night, which eventually failed because we were—plainly speaking—too lazy. We wanted better options for dinner, but didn’t want to deal with the effort.

It’s from this idea that we created Home eat Home—a convenient food service that offers a fast and easy way to cook at home, minus the hassle.

What was the problem you were facing?

We had worked with a few development studios at the beginning, but with our user base growing we were looking for a more professional team to come in and help push the product in the right direction.

We set some ambitious internal deadlines to refine and re-build key parts of the product, and we were particularly interested in working with a multi-disciplinary team based on our future roadmap. It’s better to keep things under one roof.

Ultimately we wanted to deliver a better experience.

Why did you turn to Pilot?

As a startup your business model faces a lot of risks, and for us the biggest was choosing the right distribution platforms. Will our product be web only, or app only? And which technology stack will give us the best results?

We didn’t want to set our hearts on one specific solution right away as it could turn out to be useless, and this would jeopardise the entire business. We eventually turned to Pilot as they had a vast amount of experience across a range of companies and projects. We could sketch out and elaborate on different options without high-opportunity costs.

How did Pilot help?

We developed our distribution channels together including hybrid apps and an entire back-end infrastructure. We needed to switch to a new API, and the team made the transition to RESTful easier than expected and took care of creating new logic to communicate with it.

One of the most important deliverables was to make the app increasingly error-proof. By making suitable suggestions, refining code, adding a logger and many other small tweaks, the team managed to take the Home eat Home service to a new level.

What did you like most about working with your team?

We appreciated the team’s dedication and commitment throughout. They worked hard with us to achieve mutual successes, even with tight deadlines looming, and I really got the sense that they were vested in the product—mainly as they helped direct us towards better technical solutions at the start of the collaboration.

I knew they wanted to do good work for themselves as much as for me.

The team have traveled here to Berlin to work with us in person, and I’ve been to Poland to visit the rest of the Pilot team. It’s a great partnership—we’re all grateful for what they’ve done, and what they continue to do.

What were the results? What did Pilot help you achieve?

Pilot’s help was invaluable. Together we defined and executed hybrid apps, which enabled us to expand to different platforms in a very fast and efficient manner.

This was the main goal, and there was a lot of pressure to reach it—not just in terms of the tight deadline, but because we wanted to present the app at the Coca-Cola Founders open day in Berlin. We aced it and became one of the first German companies to be funded by Coca-Cola.

Can you give us a brief testimonial on your Pilot experience?

We needed more than just a development team—we needed a network of experts who could help us choose the best technical solutions every step of the way. Pilot gave us the brains and the brawn, and we’ve been working with the team ever since.