Pilot meets Fetchstr

An interview with Jarret Alberti, the Founder and CEO.

Through hard work, dedication and absolute professionalism, Pilot was able to step up to the challenge and knock it out of the park.

—Jarret Alberti

The story

In 2015, after a devastating experience with a previous developer, Fetchstr reached out to Pilot to help build a beta-ready product against a tight deadline. Following a successful launch, we spoke with Founder and CEO Jarret Alberti to hear how the team triumphed over the brief.

Tell us about Fetchstr.

Fetchstr is a peer-to-peer delivery network. Put simply, it connects people who need on-demand delivery with people who have time to deliver, so through our app you can be both the customer and delivery person on any given day. This flexible approach is a real first for the delivery space—it’s one app and one platform for both use cases, which is what I’m most excited about.

Fetchstr is great for any type of delivery, be it supplies for the office or hot, fresh pizza for home. Just open up the app and make a fetch request, or, if you’re already at an office supply store or pizza place, you can accept an order to deliver. You get reimbursed and get a fetch fee as a reward—it’s that simple.

The idea was originally aimed at students as there’s a big need for Fetchstr—I focused on this group for our beta launch, but we’ll be rolling out globally this year and next.

What was the problem you were facing?

At the very beginning I had a very strong vision; everything was planned in my head and written down. I wanted the Fetchstr app to have a simple, inviting, and approachable nature, yet still be at the cutting-edge in terms of technology. I’m not a programmer or designer by trade, so I hired a freelancer to get the ball rolling.

To cut a long story short, it didn’t work out. I learned a lot in the process, but the results just didn’t hit my expectations, and the work lacked quality and creativeness. I needed a seasoned team who would deliver above and beyond the brief.

Why did you turn to Pilot?

I was referred to Pilot by Fueled, and I came to them with my vision, which was now a lot grander, a tight deadline, and some trust issues. Their decades of combined experience immediately reassured me that this was going to be a much more pleasant, professional collaboration.

When Pilot started suggesting ways to improve on my initial concept, I knew I had a partner for the long-term. The icing on the cake was how cost-effective the team was, especially compared to New York rates.

How did Pilot help?

First up, Pilot dived into the code written by the first freelancer I hired. They immediately voiced concerns about how unstable and unmaintainable it was. After some further consultation, the team began redeveloping the app, while a designer pitched in to refresh the app’s aesthetic.

From start to finish, the team were constantly tweaking the flow and code, and giving strong recommendations around which features to build for launch. This really took a lot off my plate.

My main goal through the entire process was to make Fetchstr as friendly and bulletproof as possible—the team totally delivered.

What did you like most about working with your team?

Trust was one of the biggest issues I had going into the project. My last experience was terrible, and now I was working with a team overseas. But the uneasy feeling quickly dissipated. Although the team was sat elsewhere in the word, I felt so comfortable working with them—a lot of this had to do with their sheer professionalism and expertise, but also from the fact that they gave me the tools I needed to be as transparent as possible. There was a mutual respect and understanding.

I knew my dream wouldn’t come to reality by magic. It was our hard work and dedication that made it happen. This was a really hungry team that was interested in my idea and in bettering themselves as coders. In fact, I’m planning to travel to Poland by the year’s end to meet the team—we’ve became good friends, as well as partners!

What were the results? What did Pilot help you achieve?

A great education above all else. I now know what it takes to build something from nothing, and build it to the very highest quality. I learned that feedback and iteration is integral for an MVP, and that launch day doesn’t require an all-out, big-bang final product.

However, the app is killer and is currently working as envisaged in beta. Fetchstr is creating jobs and earning money for the likes of students, and it’s a really exciting challenge to make the delivery guy cool and reliable. Fetchstr is coming to a city near you soon!

Can you give us a brief testimonial on your Pilot experience?

I came to Pilot with a tight deadline and something bigger than an idea—it was my dream. Through hard work, dedication and absolute professionalism, Pilot was able to step up to the challenge and knock it out of the park.