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Friday, 21 September 2018
Just now
Karolina Morawska
  • Completed the first two chapters of the German guide
Next up
  • Set up the Twitter campagin for Airmail
  • Draft a new strategy for marketing on Facebook

an hour ago
Jan Dudek
  • Isolated Altimeter into a separate repository56f7430

    From now on, we can use the up-to-date copy of Altimeter across all of our apps more easily. To take advantage of the framework, include it as a gem:

        gem "altimeter", github: "pilotcreative/altimeter"

    Then, you can import the stylesheet modules you rely on:

        @import "altimeter/modules/button";

    This move will make front-end development and the documentation much more convenient.

2 hours ago
Dominik Porada
  • Edited and published the blog post on messaging bots
  • Research on Pilot stickers
    That took me nearly an entire day of work being on and off the phone with sticker companies, but in the end, I managed to design and order two prototypes.
Next up
  • Set up A/B test for the minimal landinge page
    We’ve planned on launching this today, but I still don’t have access to Pilot’s VWO account. Let’s figure that out on our call.
Unambigous prorities with less talk.
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Work out issues before they happen.
With sensible sentiment analysis and reporting, spot and aid problems your team could be undergoing soon.
Stay on top with insightful, shareable reports.
See where your team is headed each week. Add a narrative and let your client see it too.
For all kinds of small teams.
From specialised async squads to non-technical crews working in-house, Roger works for all sorts of teams.
Let the tools you already use tell the story for you.
By integrating safely and seamlessly, Roger makes standups notes effortless and complete.

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