Simple pricing

Special Product Hunt pricing

We believe in transparent pricing. No minimum charge, setup fees, or hidden costs, and you can cancel at any time.


Product Hunt users that sign up before January 31, 2022, receive special pricing:

  • $9/mo for your first five Contractors in the first year.
  • $99/mo for your first Employee in your first year.
  • Up to 30% off all further Contractors and Employees hired in your first year.

Flat rate

$ 29 /mo
$ 21.75 /mo

per contractor

Payments in 240+ countries

70+ local currencies

Locally compliant contracts

W-8 and W-9 tax form collection and 1099 filing

Health insurance available

Optimal exchange rates

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Starts at

$ 299 /mo
$ 249 /mo

per employee

Hire in 160+ countries

No need to set up local entities

Locally compliant contracts

No setup fees

Health insurance and other benefits available

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paid annually. $349/mo if paid monthly.

Employees Plus

Starts at

$ 459 /mo
$ 459 /mo

per employee

Same features as Employees plus:

Fully customizable contracts

Additional payment options

No deposits required

Assigned Customer Success Manager

Schedule a demo

paid annually. $499/mo if paid monthly.

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Smart, user-friendly features to fit your entire workflow.

Pilot’s features are designed to make you and your global team’s lives easier.

No minimum charge

You are charged for actual usage, per employee or per active contractor, with no minimum charge or base fee.

User-friendly platform

No more back-and-forth emails with vendors. Pilot’s platform is intuitive and flexible. You can even use one login for multiple profiles if you use Pilot for more than one company or entity.

Expert, responsive support

If you or your international team members have a question, Pilot’s friendly support team is ready to help.

Worker classification guidance

Employee or contractor? Our platform fully supports both options. Pilot’s experts can guide you to the best option for your needs.

Locally compliant contracts

Our contracts are country-specific and double-reviewed by US and local lawyers to comply with IP transfer and labor laws.

Insurance and other benefits

Premium health insurance coverage and other benefits are available for your team members in 175+ countries.

Integrated E-signature

You and your team members can e-sign contracts via Pilot, with no need for any 3rd-party applications

Onboard anyone in minutes

We know you’re eager to get new team members set up quickly. Save time by onboarding them in minutes, not days.

Multi-level user permissions

Admins can assign different access levels to team members to support multiple workflows and protect sensitive data.


Pay contractors with Pilot.

With Pilot, paying your international contractors is just as easy as paying your US team.

W-8 and W-9 collection

Pilot collects W-8 (BEN and BEN-E) and W-9 tax forms from your team members for you.

1099 tax form filing

We prepare and file your 1099-NEC to the IRS for you. No need to worry about missing the next deadline.

Local currencies in 70+ countries

Local currency payments and bank transfers are available for contractors, meaning no cost for them.

No e-wallet needed

Payments go directly to your contractors’ bank accounts, without the hassle or fees of an e-wallet.

Money transfer compliance

For contractor payments, our sponsor bank ensures compliance with money transfer regulations in all 50 states.

Optimized for KYC verification

Contractor payments are sent in your name and not Pilot’s, speeding up the financial KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Contract amendments

Contracts are flexible to your needs. You can amend, terminate, or issue new ones when needed.

Optimal exchange rates and no fees

We ensure that your team gets the best exchange rates, and we don’t charge for sending or receiving contractor payments.

Payment requests and approvals

Contractors can submit payment requests and check their payment status. Multi-level payment approvals supported.

Payment notes

Add a note to your payments, such as a memo or invoice number, for clarity for your finance team and your contractors.

Fund balances

You have the option to keep a balance of funds in Pilot, to speed up payment time even further for your contractors.

Payment management

Contractors can manage payment details, submit expense reports, and select the currencies they would like to use.


Hire employees with Pilot.

We offer a full platform for hiring and onboarding your global employees.

No local entities required

With Pilot, you won’t need to set up a local entity whenever you hire from a new country. We’ve got that covered.

Immigration assistance

We help with visas, work permits, and other immigration processes for your global employees and their dependents.

Employee documents in one place

Keep employment contracts, paystubs, and tax forms in one cloud-based, secure platform accessible to you and your team.

Built-in expense management

Quickly process expense reimbursements. Global employees can easily enter expenses for approval from your team.

One centralized EOR partner

Get one single employer of record for all of your global employees, for a consistent, high-quality experience for your team.

Global HR policy guidance

Receive expert guidance from our team on localized PTO policies, employment laws, and other country-specific HR questions.

“Pilot is the solution I've been wishing for for a long time! Our process for paying international team members was tedious, error prone, and inflexible. The team has been incredibly responsive to all of my requests, no matter how small.”


Kyle Maurer

Director of Operations

“Finally, someone figured out a simple and powerful tool. Everything we need is here and features are being added each week. On top of all this, the team is super dedicated with magnificent support.”


Juan Caviglia



Frequently asked questions.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, and there’s no cancellation fee. Please note that, for employees, the cancellation timeline is subject to the termination period stated in their employment contracts.

Is there a minimum charge?

No, there’s no minimum charge or base fee. You’re only charged for actual usage per employee or per active contractor. If you don’t have any contractors whom you are paying in a given month, you don’t get charged anything for that month.

Are there any setup fees?

No. Unlike traditional employer of record (EOR) or professional employer organization (PEO) services, we do not charge setup fees. We're big believers in simple, transparent pricing.

Do you mark up currency exchange rates?

We do not mark up currency exchange rates for contractors, which means your team members can get paid more. For employees, Pilot’s employer of record partner adds a small percentage mark up to help cover processing fees.

Request a demo with one of our experts.

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