Pilot vs. competitors

Searching for the right company to manage your global payroll, benefits, and compliance? Here’s how Pilot compares with our competitors.

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International payroll that works like US payroll.

You don’t expect your US employees to have to pay withdrawal fees or use an e-wallet to get their paychecks. We don’t think your international contractors should have to do that either.

Direct payments, with no e-wallet

Unlike our competitors who require contractors to use an e-wallet or a third-party service to receive their funds, Pilot sends payments directly to your contractors’ bank accounts. This means faster payments that don’t touch our corporate accounts.

No withdrawal fees

Another advantage to direct payments and no e-wallet? Pilot does not charge withdrawal fees, which means your contractors get paid more. In addition, we support local currency payments in 70+ countries, plus payments to 240+ countries, and we do not mark up exchange rates.

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Secure and compliant in all 50 US states.

Pilot is compliant throughout the US, while some competitors rely on the agent of a payee exemption to transfer money, which means they are not compliant for all states.

Money transfer compliance

Pilot uses regulated financial institutions to process payments, and our sponsor bank ensures compliance with money transfer regulations in all 50 states. This means that you’re compliant throughout the US, too, when you use Pilot.

Direct, user-friendly contracts

Because Pilot doesn’t rely on an agent of a payee exemption, contractor agreements are between just you and your contractor. Our competitors require contractors to sign an extra third-party agreement. If you prefer white-label payment processing, your contractor doesn’t need to know about Pilot at all.

Secure funds paid directly and fast

Unlike competitors, Pilot sends funds in your company’s name, and the funds never touch Pilot’s corporate accounts. This means your funds remain yours, until your contractors get them. Also, contractors are paid quickly, since KYC (Know Your Customer) verification goes much faster when it’s clear who the sender is.

Supporting both employees and contractors from the start.

Not sure if you should hire an employee or a contractor? Unlike competitors, Pilot has always been set up to support hiring both employees and contractors. Our team will advise you on the best option for you, with no bias.

Because Pilot has always supported both options, some competitors may have employee-only or contractor-only features that Pilot does not offer, and we will let you know if that’s the case.


🇺🇸 Specializing in US-based companies hiring internationally.

Pilot exclusively works with companies that are based in the US or that have a legal US entity. This enables us to provide expert services, such as localized contracts that are double-reviewed by both US and local lawyers.

How Pilot compares with competitors

More of a chart person? We broke it down for you.

Pilot for Contractors

No minimum number of contractors required.

Feature Pilot Competitors


Pilot believes in simple, transparent pricing.

Flat rate of $29/month/contractor

From $0 + payment processing fees to $49/month/contractor + transaction fees

No long-term contracts or minimums

We offer monthly and annual plans and only charge for active contractors.

No e-wallet required

Pilot’s direct payments means funds get paid fast with no e-wallet withdrawal fees.

No per-transaction or ACH pull fees

Transaction fees reduce how much your contractors receive.

Ability to lock currencies on the receiving end

Your contractors can receive the exact currency amounts that you agreed to.

Exchange rate markups

Markups can greatly reduce the amount your contractors end up receiving.

Pilot does not mark up exchange rates.

Markups typically range from 0.6% to 6%.

Payment processing time

We know it’s important for your team members to get paid quickly.

As soon as 2 business days

Typically 5 to 10 business days

Money transfer security

Pilot ensures that your funds remain yours until your contractors receive them.

Funds do not touch Pilot’s corporate accounts.

Funds touch corporate accounts.

Money transfer compliance

Faster KYC verification means contractors get paid sooner.

Payments are sent in your company’s name, for easier KYC verification.

Payments are not sent in your company’s name, slowing down KYC verification.

Complete white-labeling

Contractors don’t need to use Pilot themselves or sign contracts with our name.

Fully automated payments

Schedule payments so that you can set it and forget it.

Self-serve for contractors

If you prefer, contractors can manage their own payment details and submit payment requests.

Localized, double-reviewed contracts

Both US and local lawyers review Pilot’s contracts.

Ability to use your own contracts

If you prefer to use your own contracts, that option is available with Pilot.

Country-specific IP clauses

Pilot’s contracts are localized for IP (intellectual property) and labor laws.

Compliance in all 50 US states

Pilot is compliant throughout the US.

1099 Filing

We prepare and submit 1099-NEC forms for you to the IRS.

Unbiased worker classification guidance

Pilot’s platform fully supports hiring both employees and contractors.

Pilot for Employees

No minimum number of employees required.

Feature Pilot Competitors


We believe in simple, transparent pricing.

$699/month/employee in 130+ countries

$299/month up to $3,000/month, plus variable pricing by country

No setup fees or hidden costs

Pilot charges a flat monthly fee.

No long-term contracts or minimums

We offer monthly and annual plans and only charge for actual usage per employee.

Self-serve platform

You can onboard team members yourself, without any back-and-forth with Pilot.

Cloud-based, user-friendly software

Our secure platform is intuitive and flexible for your workflow.

Global HR policy guidance

Our team of experts can provide free guidance on local policies and employment laws.

Visa and immigration assistance

Pilot helps with visas, work permits, and other immigration processes for global employees and their dependents.

Unbiased worker classification guidance

Pilot’s platform fully supports hiring both employees and contractors.

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