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Learn about the latest news and releases at Pilot.

New features: Multi-Step Payment Approvals and Multiple Profiles

Managers can now approve payment requests while a separate team member initiates the payments. You can also now have multiple Pilot company profiles under the same login.

New features: Reports and Filters

Pilot's latest features enable you to easily view and analyze your data.

New features: W-8 and W-9 Forms

Contractors can fill out W-8 and W-9 forms directly in Pilot's platform, or upload their signed forms.

New features: Pay Periods and Expense Reports for Contractors

Pilot's latest features make contractor payments even more user-friendly and flexible.

Pilot is now SOC 2 compliant

Pilot has always been committed to following the highest security standards. As part of our ongoing commitment to security, Pilot has reached a new milestone by achieving SOC 2 compliance.

New features: Pay schedule updates

Pilot's latest updates enable administrators to easily view, create, edit, assign and delete pay schedules for contractors.

Survey says: Pilot ranks top on G2 for multi-country payroll software

We're #1! Pilot attained four first-place wins for Fall 2021 on the software review site G2.

Streamlined IP transfer in 160+ countries with Pilot Direct IP

For US-based companies hiring global team members, transferring IP rights is a complicated process. Pilot Direct IP offers seamless, two-step IP assignments for employees hired through Pilot.

New Feature: Track and Process Requests for Time Off in Pilot

A new Time Off feature enables employees and contractors to submit requests for time off through the platform.

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