The best contract talent you can hire.

Pilot finds the best contract developers and designers for your project. We vet, screen and place developers for businesses around the world and facilitate millions of dollars in engineering and design work every year.

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Top 1% talent, guaranteed.

We screen every contractor, and verify every skill they put on their profile. When hiring through Pilot, you know exactly what you’re getting—great engineering and design talent at every price point.

Relationships that last.

Our customers rave about developers they hired through our platform. We pay our contractors more, so they stay around. Our longest-running team is over 4 years old now.

Not another horror story.

We believe that hiring a contractor doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We’ve heard every outsourcing horror story, and designed our vetting and matching process to put them to bed.

Know exactly what you’re getting.

Over the past 6 years, we developed a proprietary methodology for vetting engineering and design talent. This 7-step process is how we ensure we get it right, every time.

Writing Analysis

We analyse each profile for writing and communication skills. We believe that clarity of writing is a strong indicator of clarity of thinking.

Collaborative Projects

First introduced in our Pilot Bootcamps, these projects test how developers behave in real-life scenarios. We simulate typical collaboration challenges like gaps in specification or slow response time, and see how candidates adapt.

Skill Scoring

Contractors are evaluated separately for each skill they want to put on their profile. We use these scores to match contractors with companies they’ll be a good technical fit for.

Coding Assignments

Our coding assignments are designed to test a specific combination of coding skills (for example Ruby, Rails and React). Assignments are then peer-reviewed by senior members of the platform.

Application Review

Each application to our platform is screened by multiple members of our talent team. A single thumbs down disqualifies candidates from progressing further in their application.

Screening Interview

Our screening interviews comprehensively test your language and communication skills. All Pilot members have to read, write and speak English extremely well.

Continuous Assessment

Unlike other platforms, we don’t stop our evaluation process once someone is accepted. Our contractors are incentivised to continuously re-score in areas they want to work in.

Enabling the future of work

On-demand is in demand. We believe that technology companies of the future will spend more time communicating with their customers and building products, and less time assembling large engineering departments.

By eliminating needless complexity and busy-work of hiring, Pilot helps teams get up and running faster.

PAYMENTS. Centralised payments and invoicing for all your contractors.


REPORTING. Approvals, budgets and spend tracking for teams.


MARKETPLACE. A hand-picked pool of top engineers and designers.


Once your organisation is on Pilot, you can empower your teams to manage their own talent needs. Centralised invoicing, approvals and budgets will help you remain in control of performance and spend, while your teams get to work faster with automated onboarding and ensured compliance.

From a small team
with world-size ambitions.

Pilot helps power companies of all shapes and sizes, from up-and-coming startups to fastest-growing private companies across nearly every industry. We’re a small distributed team working tirelessly to build the talent infrastructure for the internet.

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